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Nuby Mighty Blender
Nuby Mighty Blender
SKU: B5685
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  • Chops and purees into two textures(4-6M+)
  • Chopped baby food(7M+) 
  • Mini Meals(10M+)


  1. 2-Piece Lid: Locks to batch bowl with an easy-add attachment.
  2. Steaming basket: The steaming basket fits in the batch bowl. Just add water and seal the lid to steam baby food in microwave!
  3. Batch Bowl: The batch bowl is used for making large batches of food to store. Includes convenient max fill line for measuring produce.
  4. Power Base: The power base is highly efficient and designed for use with either cup. 
  5. Milling Blade: The milling blade is used for milling grains to make cereals with short cup.
  6. Blending Blade: The blending blade is used for pureeing and blending foods. It can be used with either cup.
  7. Stay Fresh Lid: Short cup stay fresh lid is air tight to keep food fresh!
  8. Short Cup: The short cup is the perfect size for small batches of food to serve or store. Includes convenient max fill line for measuring produce.
  9. Soft Tip Spatula: The soft tip spatula helps remove purees from the blender set. 
  10. Food Storage Cups: Six 2 ounce containers perfect for short term storage and feeding. Air tight lids seal in freshness!
  11. Freezer Tray: For long term storage, use the flexible freezer tray. It holds six portions that easily pop out and fit perfectly into the food storage cups.
  12. Long Handle Feeding Spoons: Easily feed your little one directly from the batch bowl or from any container.
  13. User manual/cookbook, and nutritional guide: Learn how to fully utilize your mighty blender with the user manual  and learn about easy nutritious recipes!