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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Options+ Anti Colic Bottle 250ml 2 Pack
Dr Brown's Natural Flow Options+ Anti Colic Bottle 250ml 2 Pack

The latest Dr. Brown's Options bottles give parents a choice of how they want to feed their baby. The patented venting system allows you to feed your baby with a Dr. Brown's bottle with or without the venting system.

We recommend that you use the Dr. Brown's venting system while feeding so that your baby experiences all the health benefits:

  • the venting system prevents the formation of air bubbles in the food, which prevents colic, belching and accumulation of gases;
  • patented venting system effectively reduces oxidation of mother's milk and nutrient, which promotes the durability of essential nutrients such as vitamins C, A and E and lipids (based on a university study);
  • the complete venting system of the bottle enables vacuum-free feeding, similar to breastfeeding.
  • Some parents find that as the baby is older and more developed, removing the venting system gives you the added option of Dr. Brown's bottle feeding:
  • provides feeding similar to most bottles that have a venting system in the nipple;
  • a venting system in the nipple creates an appropriate flow rate.

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